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Does Duolingo offer internships?

This isn't a very good discussion topic, but as someone who loves languages a lot, and studies it right now in college, I'd love to participate with a program like this that offers the ability to teach people different languages in different ways. I plan on studying linguistics in grad school, but that's two year from now.

Could I work for Duolingo as an intern?

December 11, 2017



They do in fact. All you have to do is check their Jobs page https://www.duolingo.com/jobs.


The internships are in very specific areas though, not just a general language internship. And they require technical background. Currently software (BS/MS pending) or product design (MS/PhD pending) internships are available.


It's on the coding/programming side.

Your best bet is to look for a local outreach/government programs for immigrants, there are everywhere even in the smallest rural cities. I know I seen one in the Mason area when I did some work there last year. Don't remember the exact location, was only in the area a few weeks. I'm sure Cincinnati/Dayton area has a ton.

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