"I am standing in line."

Translation:줄에 서 있어요.

December 12, 2017

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Just wondering why the answer isn't 줄에 서고 있어요?


아/어 있다.

It is used to express the state of a completed action.

Your action was to go stand in line, now you are in the state of standing there.

Maybe this example is a bit confusing, but it is the same as

문이 여려 있어요. The door is open (it got opened and now is in the state of being open).

More info here.


I wonder why the -에서 is seperated into two parts. Would you write it like this?


줄에 - 줄 - line with particle 에 means in line
서다 is a verb to stand, 서 + 아/어 있다 means I'm standing, he/she is standing, you are standing and etc.

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