"Would you like to eat Chinese food or British food?"


December 12, 2017

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I‘ve gotten this question marked wrong no fewer than six times. Having it insist on the 们 which is obviously wrong, is aggravating.


Haha and it marked me wrong a seventh time...it doesn't seem to accept it any way other than exactly as worded...so aggravating. At least I finally got through the section...such a waste of my time.


”你喜欢吃中国菜还是英国菜“ might also be appropriate because the english says "like to" instead of "want" which is what Duolingo usually says for 想, but I might be wrong! Could you either fix the english or accept more answers?


I don't think that would be correct, if we use 喜欢 then the English sentence would be more like "Do you like to eat..." which is different from "Would you like to eat..."


想 means "think, contemplate, miss, desire, think about" and "want" but is also used to mean "would like." 喜欢 means "like" but cannot be used for "would like" as a direct translation of the English expression. We are getting into the realm of figurative and idiomatic speech. We can translate the English "what would you like?" to Chinese "你会喜欢什么?“ but in truth the Chinese just don't say it that way.


Nothing in the English sentence indicates a plural form of the second person. I wrote 你 instead of 你们. How would we know that we are addressing more than one person from the English sentence? We don't.


This was posted a week ago, and it still isn't fixed. I've reported it too. What is going on, Duolingo?

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