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Exercises in German Course Just Got Way Dumber (WTF, DuoLingo is ruining EVERYTHING on the site)

I'm level 21 in German on DuoLingo. I've been to Germany three times, I speak pretty comfortably.

I had been getting a lot out of continuing practicing DuoLingo, practicing the more advanced sections, practicing some of the more advanced vocabulary that I kept messing up, similarly, practicing a lot of the tougher article and adjective endings that I sometimes get confused.

And like...recently something changed...today I did 50XP and it was just garbage, almost a total waste of my time. It had me practice Animals 1 (this skill had NEVER decayed before until today) and in that section, it was giving me some very simple sentences 2 or three times, sometimes giving me the same sentence back to back.

And then it gave me this exercise: Multiple-choice

I have never seen anything like this before...it's a multiple-choice spelling exercise, with only two options! And I've never, to my knowledge, ever made this spelling mistake. I know it's spelled Urlaub! And I know Uhr means clock and "Uhrlaub" isn't a word (at least not one that I ever saw)...why is it giving me such dumb exercises?

I feel like the DuoLingo management has been breaking everything recently...DuoLingo was such an amazing tool and I've been watching them break one feature after another.

If DuoLingo continues down this path they are going to fail...WTF does the management think they're doing? Why are they screwing everything up so bad? Take it from me, I have poured HOURS into DuoLingo, I'm a very advanced user, I have found that my work I put into DuoLingo paid off and turned into real-world conversational and reading ability...I felt so grateful to DuoLingo that I paid for DuoLingo Plus just as a way of giving back to them.

And what do they do? They turn around and just start breaking one thing after another.

I feel so betrayed and disgusted right now. I'm so close to cancelling my subscription. It's so sad for me to see this site going down the tubes due to terrible management and so painful to see them slowly breaking and ruining even the good aspects of the site.

December 12, 2017


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