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  5. "别忘记带护照。"


Translation:Don't forget to bring your passport.

December 12, 2017



And where is the characters for "your"? Maybe they are talking about someone else's passport, who knows? There is no a clear context in this sentence, so "don't forget to bring passport" should be accepted.


I agree, the "your" is implied in the Chinese. I entered "Don't forget to bring a passport" which I believe should be considered a valid translation alongside "Don't forget to bring your passport."


"Don't forget to bring a passport" Still marked wrong as of 2019-05-11. Reported.


But "Don't forget to bring passport" is not natural English, and there is no 一本 to indicate a singular passport.

I think "Don't forget to bring your passport" is the most correct English translation. While "you" is not stated, you are most likely saying this to another person or group of people, both of which can be addressed with "you" in English.


"Don't forget to bring a passport" is ok in English, but you need an article of some sort. "Don't forget to bring passport" is incorrect English. You'd be understood, but it'd be recognised as English by someone for whom English is not a first language.


The character 带 dai4 means "to take or bring along WITH oneself". So the phrase needs a pronoun/noun to accompany the verb/action - my, your, his, hers, Mom's etc when translated into English.


I was given words to choose from and had the option of 'take' or 'bring'. When I chose 'take' it was marked wrong. Reported as they can be synonyms.


I agree, take should be accepted.


for those who quarrel about the bring/take question: Don't forget your passport is also accepted :)


When I get it wrong, duo said I need 'a', and then there's no option for 'a'. 'Your' is not even indicated in the sentence and you need to put it to move. What?!


忘 (wàng) = to forget/to overlook
记 (jì) = to record/to remember
忘记 (wàngjì) = to forget/to overlook

护 (hù) = to protect
照 (zhào) = to shine/photo
护照 (hùzhào) = passport

We learned 照 before in:

照相机 (zhào xiàng jī) = camera
拍照 (pāi zhào) = to take a picture


There isnt your in the sentence, how was i graded incorrectly?


"Don't forget to bring a passport" is the most literal translation and should be accepted. I understand that "your" is implied but that doesn't mean "a" is incorrect

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