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  5. "그 병은 잘 나아요."

" 병은 나아요."

Translation:That disease is easily cured.

December 12, 2017



I'm confused. Where does 'easily' come from? Is well and easily the same word?


- well/good/thoroughly/readily

나아요 - to get well/recover

Per the tips and hints in this skill, in Korea a disease recovers from you so 그 병은 나아요 is basically saying "regarding that disease, one recovers" (i.e. the disease can recover from someone). In English we would say either "that disease is curable/cured" or "one can recover from that disease".

Hence, 그 병은 잘 나아요 is basically saying "regarding that disease, one well recovers" (i.e. the disease can recover from you easily). In English this would be either "one can recover from that disease easily" or "that disease is easily curable/cured".

Hope that helps somebody.


Thank you, that helps a lot! The tips and hints are only available on my browser or my laptop, but not the mobile app.


I wondering the same,i dont find anywhere 잘 can mean "easily" ;-;


I think '잘' is where it came from.


Should "illness" be accepted? It is listed as one of the possible translations.


I just reported it for marking me wrong when I wrote "That illness is easily cured". I see you had the same problem 2 years ago, now.


I hope that for Coronavirus soon! 14.04.2020 :(


10.06.2020 and still no :(


the recording is hard to hear


how come on this answer, illness is not excepted instead of disease? on other translations you can say both, but not this one...


I just tried "That illness is easily cured" and was marked wrong. I reported it, then came here. I think it definitely should be an option, especially as it was introduced to us as illness in a different part of the very same lesson. I think it is just an oversight; they only know what needs fixing if it is reported. All the best :)


Someone tell the antivaxxers


I translated this as "That disease heals well." It marked me as incorrect. I think it should be right. What about you? If not, why?


Please report it if you are sure. "That illness recovers well" is accepted.


I thought it said bottle and I was so confused for a min


I wrote That bottle is easily cured.


what's wrong with.. that disease heals well


It's telling me I have a typo when I word I didnt use was not an option. the word choices were "cured" but said it should have been "cures", which was not one of the choices...


아니요, 하지만, "잘"는 Well입니다...

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