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Love for languages

The love i have for languages is proportional to how hard is to sit and actually begin studying

December 12, 2017



I've never been a fan of language, perhaps because english is my native one and I hate illogical things... really disliked english class.

For whatever reason I find learning Spanish enjoyable.


And soooo... do you love them or do you hate them after all? :)

Or it depends on whether you know them already? ;)


I'm supposed to spend at least thirty minutes on Duo a day... Sometimes I spend a lot of that time on the discussions page...


This is literally me. sometimes on weekends I spend all day on the discussions, and then realize its 11:57 and I haven't achieved my goal for the day, so I have to frantically do lessons xD


I'll admit that discussions are an enjoyable distraction. What I sometimes do is tell myself to do a lesson after reading one (or 3) discussions.


For me It is the same, but English is not my mother tongue so it is useful anyway xD


I hear ya. It's so easy to get sidetracked!

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