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Finalmente ho raggiunto il livello 25!

This was the reverse treeand I will keep on learning anyway. How many levels 25 have you achieved?

December 12, 2017


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Hi YarkoRab,

Congratulations for your achievements.

It took years to achieve Level 25 for me. I'm working on my Russian tree now - 30% of the lessons are done, so it seems I will achieve Level 25 before complete the Russian tree. :)

I would like to have my GER, ITA, FRA and RUS status on Level 25 within a year.

All the best,



Well done, thats a lot of xp

don't know if I will ever get all the way to 25 before moving on.


That is a lot of time put in. It is pretty daunting that at level 20, at 50 xp per day it will be October before I reach level 25. I sort of ask myself if it is worth it, but on the other hand as long as I make mistakes my French is probably improving.


It is pretty daunting. For me, it eventually came without me thinking about it. Granted, it took so long, but I kept working every day and it just came. I wish you the best in getting level 25, IanC798471! :-)

[deactivated user]

    ☆:.。.Ottimo lavoro!.。.:☆


    That is amazing, YarkoRab! Congratulations on your 2 level 25 languages! I only achieved one, and it looks like my next one is also a reverse tree: French to English!

    I wish you the best!


    Dovresti essere orgoglioso. È un grande successo. Spero che tu abbia l'opportunità di visitare la bella Italia. È un paese pieno di storia e magia...

    Italian was my first tree and first level 25. I went on to conquer the Swedish and German trees and pushed on to level 25. Now I am finishing the French tree and about halfway through the Russian. Learning languages is a real joy but takes discipline and determination.


    Congrats! 3 level 25's here, although two of them reflect a good deal of Immersion. Guaraní is the only one I got through lessons and reviews only.

    Over time, I haven't felt super enthusiastic about doing lots of review for my reverse trees because of the multiple choice, and the quantity of translation that ends up being into the tree target language (which I already know well). I've much preferred the straight lessons where the great majority of the translation is into the language I'm trying to learn. Having gotten all the way to level 25 on your reverse tree, what are your thoughts?

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