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Weakest words not occurring in practice

When I start practicing the weakest words, the actual weakest ones do not come up. Instead, the same bunch of mastered words appear again and again...

March 16, 2013



I have the same problem! Every time I go to "Practice Weakest Words" it keeps giving me the same words over and over. It never actually gives me any weak words but rather the words I know quite well.


I am having the same problem with portuguese. It would be nice if the program kept track of which words you often misspelled or got wrong, but it seems to focus on how long ago you saw it.


Same for me. I get the same sentences over and over.


I am noticing similar behaviour - I can clearly see weak words with only 1 or 2 bars but they aren't part of my "Practise weakest words" session - it doesn't matter how many times I press the button. A bunch of different words is always introduced for practising instead. It's really frustrating because I have to practise them one by one. I already suggested to add in vocabulary list a new columns (gender and "due for practise in" - hours/days... in could be called "Next practise" or something like that) This way we would be able to see when will the word lose a full strength and is due for practise.


This thread is proof -- people really have been reporting this issue for over a year. Why is this not fixed yet?


Same here.. it is a bit irritating :/


and nearly half a year has past and still the same problem

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