I have a notification that someone edited my translation (boring!) - but the name provoked my curiosity and I went to look, and on looking found nothing but my original translation. No other versions. I'm perplexed. What's going on? What exactly did you do to it????

April 9, 2014


So essentially, there is a great big technical glitch going on here that other people have too and it would be good if someone could look into it?

It was reported that some trolls basically copy your translation, and replace it with your translation as theirs.

But there isn't a troll's translation. No one's text but mine. I didn't think you could delete your edit once you submitted it.

Maybe someone selected to revert to your old translation.

No, there's nothing to revert from. There is nothing else there. And it's a not a situation where there's any room for debate about 'translations' anyway, because it's the title of the document that I uploaded, which is a personal name.

OK, now this is getting weird. In an unrelated incident I had another notification for another translation on another article. I followed the link that you get saying 'x edited your translation'. It takes me to a page on which I had done translations and a bit of text I think I did edit. Only it gives me a blank open window in which to insert a translation as if no one had ever translated it.

This could happen if there are repetitions in the uploaded text. In the English-German Duolingo it happened sometimes to me with an article about a type of mercedes. In this uploaded document there is the same text for 3 times. Every time someone edited, I got a notification and when I went to the text I found an open window (after a while I saw that it was a repetition of a sentence on top of the document, a sentence I really have translated and which was edited)

This happened to me recently. The View Sentence link took me to an untranslated sentence, that I think I actually had translated previously. Must be some of bug, I guess.

I thought it was just me. I just had the same experience. It was disappointing to find only my translation.

I was wondering what Remy was doing with my text on Emmeline Pankhurst when I realised there was no pearl of wisdom added but I'm really baffled by the blank space on the Bellini!

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