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French learning partner?

I was wondering if anyone would like to be my french learning buddy. I am doing good in Spanish but I am confusing French with Spainsh. Will anyone help me?

December 12, 2017



I would be glad to start French


well, I'd be interested as I have newly started French.


I am sort of advanced in French. I would want to be your French partner. :)


You could also ask in the "English for French speakers" forum (https://www.duolingo.com/topic/652) if you are interested in a language exchange. This is where you help them with their English and they help you with your French.

There is also Conversation Exchange. http://www.conversationexchange.com - you create an account and then search for practice partners. You can search by various criteria such as gender, age, nationality, hobbies. You can search for pen pals, audio chat partners, or video chat partners. You can use their internal messaging service if you don't want to give out your email address.

Also check out iTalki, weSpeke, Busuu, and goSpeaky.

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