"If you are lazy, Duo will remind you to practice more."


December 12, 2017

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didn't put 很 because it means very, and the original sentence doesn't have that. I don't get why it said I'm wrong


很 can also mean is/are, but it is used for adjectives. Instead of saying 我是懒, it would be 我很懒 because 懒 is an adjective.


This is not always true. 我是懒的 is used more by native Chinese speakers. Not that 我很懒 is incorrect, it's just not very commonly used and some language tests would mark that wrong.


懒 on its own is an adjective.懒的 is a noun phrase, so it can be used with 是.

[deactivated user]

    To describe someone as lazy, you should use the verb 偷懒. Therefore the sentence should be 如果你偷懒,多儿会提醒你多练习. (Native speaker).

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