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  5. "I rarely buy milk here."

"I rarely buy milk here."

Translation:Mléko tady kupuji zřídka.

December 12, 2017



I just got this one wrong again, this time with "Mléko tady zřidka kupuji." Since I'm not the only one being stumped by the word order, could someone please explain what we're missing? Thanks, as always, for your help!


"Zřídka kupuji mléko tady" , is this too unnatural?


In another sentence in which someone is buying something, the answer provided is kupuji si. Why is the reflexive si not necessary in this case?


In this sentence you could use either version with or version without SI. A lot of reflexive verbs are like that. KUPUJI SI means you are buying it for yourself. You will drink it, wear it, drive it. Simple KUPUJI means you are buying it but it is not clear if for yourself or somebody else. You buy milk here rarely. You might be the only member of your family that drinks milk or you share it with others.


My answer -- Kupuju tady zřidka mléko -- was wrong, I'm guessing because of word order, judging by the correct answer shown above,

However, the correct answer given in the exercise was, mysteriously, "kupuju tady mléko málo."

Maybe someone from DL should take a look at this one. I've reported it as "The correct answer is unnatural or has an error."


Kpuje mléko tady zřídka - is this order wrong? Why?


I approached this problem with the logic of a native English speaker. “I rarely buy milk here” emphasizes buying milk here rarely. If I wanted to say, “I rarely buy milk” it would be redundant to say “here” since I rarely buy milk here or anywhere else. So I assumed that in Czech I would need to emphasize buying it here rarely by connecting tady & zřídka. Therefore, the correct Czech answer must be “Mléko tady zřídka kupuji.” Can somebody explain what I said in Czech (if anything) and what the Czech logic is for “Mléko tady kupuji zřídka”


'Mléko tady zřídka KUPUJI.' (as opposed to, idk, stealing it, drinking it...)

'Mléko tady kupuji ZŘÍDKA.' (as opposed to very often, every day...)


Can we say "Mléko zřídka kupuji tady" ?


This sentence is clearly a tricky one.

This order is accepted and so are most othwr orders. The different orders don't have the same meaning though.

Mléko zřídka kupuji tady - I rarely buy it here, I mostly buy it somewhere else

Mléko tady kupuji zřídka - I buy it here rarely

Tady zřídka kupuji mléko - I rarely buy MILK here, usuallu something else



Thank you Vadimir!


Why is "ja zridka tady kupuji mleko" not accepted?


Tady wants to be in the second position, when not first or final.

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