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"Tento chlapec nemá levé ucho."

Translation:This boy is missing his left ear.

December 12, 2017



How abou "This boy does not have a left ear." ?? That is correct as well, right?


in English, if it makes a little sense, you squeeze in possessive pronoun. so HIS LEFT EAR, rather then A. We accept that, yes


Actually, "does not have A left ear" is probably better than "does not have HIS left ear"... while "missing HIS left ear" would be better than "missing A left ear." But there's no way I could explain why that is! :-)


I agree with BoneheadBass and MatousAc. “... does not have a left ear” sounds fine to me. Reported this for possible addition.

After all, if he doesn’t have one, it isn’t “his”, I suppose. (I guess you could say, "he doesn't have his left ear", but this sounds slightly odd to me, as if he left it on the dresser when he went to school. You could probably get away with this, though, because the meaning is clear from context.)

But if he is missing his left ear, then it was "his" to begin with (at least rhetorically, even if the actual ear never existed). (Even here, though, I suppose you could also say, "missing a left ear", but it doesn't sound quite as natural to me. You could say, "missing an ear", but he would only otherwise have one left ear; thus, we're talking about one specific left ear: "his".)


I concur. Who else's left ear wouldn't he have? The possessive becomes an unnecessary redundancy. Not that it's wrong, it reinforces the obvious. And being obvious use of the indefinite article does make it less obvious.

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Who knows? Perhaps he's trying to put together a picture or figurine. He's almost done, now he only needs a/the left ear.


There are many 'correct' ways to say this in English, including almost all of the above!


I've added translations with "A left ear." That construction is fine in English, and the number of reports using "a" was very high.

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