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Duolingo is really quite broken lately (repetitions).

[deactivated user]

    Twice today it's asked me to translate the same thing 4 or 5 times in a row. Seems to happen more and more lately. It's got its knickers in a twist. Or it's not seeding its random number generator correctly.

    December 12, 2017



    I am experiencing the same problem in the German course. They must have made some changes in the algorithms that made the learning experience rather frustrating. There should not be a random generator involved, but one that is based on difficulty of the words. Instead, Duo sticks to the easiest and least useful parts of the language tree. I keep myself around 'all gold' status, so my German is pretty good. There ARE tougher subjects like Adverbs or Abstract Object, but Duo wants me to practice over and over phrases like "The cow is an animal'. They added also clicking on a proper picture (like in Rosetta Stone), and that is just silly. I see no point in continuing with German course. Japanese, on the other hand, is made overly difficult for a complete beginner, but I am sticking to it.


    I also have noticed this...and for me it only started happening (in German, Spanish, and Portuguese...Russian seems unaffected) in the past few days.

    It upsets me hugely. I really hope they roll back this change. These courses were EXCELLENT before...I had gotten so much out of them and this new change really messes it up and makes it be a waste of time. Getting so much out of these courses is one reason why I became a paying subscriber...but they'll lose me really fast if they start breaking the best features of the site like this.


    Same here, with German, Spanish, and Portuguese. Not just any hard sentences though; more so the "I am sad" and "The cow eats".


    Me too! It's rather disconcerting.


    I have seeing this in french but i just didn't care to say



    Use this method:
    However, don't use the "General strengthen" button at the moment.

    In my experience, this is a rather good workaround


    I don't think this is a good workaround, because, before, the Strengthen Skills button did an excellent job of picking and choosing the weakest skills, also, ramping up the level of difficulty gradually. It managed my foreign language learning for me, and it did so very effectively, with no effort on my part, and better than I would have been able to manage it myself.

    Also, using "Strengthen Skills" will often mix up exercises from two or even three different sections: the German course does this frequently. I liked this and I thought it led to a superior learning experience.

    IMHO They're breaking one of the features that made DuoLingo most useful to me.


    The "General strengthen" button was already broken months ago.


    I have the same problem in German course for some time now...I actually stopped using "General strengthen" button because i got frustrated when I got to tipe Mann und Frau 3 or more times in a row. I still love Duolingo though...:) I started to combine the courses instead...I learn Spanish and German from English so I started learning Spanish from German. You can still have fun if you want to, even if something doesn't work properly for a while.


    I've lost the sound completely now. Anyone else the same?

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