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Someone Help!!!

I baught steak freeze and a wager for seven days i did duo yesterday and today and it said i lost my streak and my wager!! what do i do?

December 12, 2017



I've heard that you can buy back your streak if you lost it via the app. I don't really know. Take this Lingot to ease the sting.


Checked on your Streak freeze today?


You need to restart from zero, sorry.

This is your extended profile:


Duo can't help you there with paying your streak back (with real money):

  • 1) days_ago is "4", so eligable has already switched from true to FALSE, as it seems.

  • 2) the last streak length is only registered as 1

  • 3) This means that your old (longer) streak has double resetted a few days ago, sorry and you had already restarted.

  • 4) streak_freeze":"2017-12-11 15:33:48.494000"

You have bought your last streak freeze yesterday on 12/11/2017 15:33pm.
This means you have already LOST your old (bigger) streak, as the "streak freeze" has to be bought BEFORE and you would have had to be equipped.

If you can not reach your 10-50 or 1XP coach goal by 23:59:59 the same day, you will have lost your streak.
You can N O T buy the "streak freeze" afterwards.


What is your coach goal setting? 1XP, 10XP or more?

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