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  5. "옷이 있어요?"

"옷이 있어요?"

Translation:Do you have clothes?

December 12, 2017



I always have trouble with sentences which imply the "you" - esp. when we don't have the context around this sentence. "Are there clothes?" should be acceptable too.


I agree with you. 있다 does not mean "to have", it conveys the idea of "to have", but it means "to be". In a context whers you talk about a store and someone asks "옷이 있어요?" it would definitely be translated as "Are there clothes?"


To be in the sense of existence...


I have some at home. I just didn't bring any to Korea.


있다 means to have/to exist or as nleconte said to be in existence....

이다 means to be.


너는 옷이 있어요? Isn't this more direct? 옷이 있어요? I would think this is asking are there clothes like. 맥주 있어요 do you have beer?

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