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What does everyone use Duolingo for?

What does everyone use Duolingo for (school,work,ect...)

December 12, 2017


[deactivated user]

    For school, travel, and fun. ( ̄ω ̄)


    Yesssss fun! O.O XD


    I am learning Spanish so that I can better communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ to Spanish speakers, particularly those in Mexico but hopefully in other places too.


    Yeah I seem to have noticed a small increase in the number of people talking about missionary work in central and south america. Guatemala pops up alot. Anyway good for you, perhaps more missionary work could have saved Venezuela from the socialist atheist nightmare its become.


    Good it is a very useful tool to prepare for missionary work


    For fun and for travel (though I honestly travel way less than I'd like to.)


    Started with reviewing languages I learned in school and then started to learn others to compare differences of languages in the same language family. Then added others because I had always been interested in the language/country. So, for fun/curiosity.


    I use it for my school. I also use it to help people when I can.


    For fun. I'm enjoying learning a new language.

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