Clubs on PC

I think there should be Clubs in the PC version of Duolingo. I don't know if it is working on it but the expectation about the same are high. Your comments fellas!

December 12, 2017


i do think there should be clubs on doulingo

Seeing as I cannot use clubs on the app, I hope they add them to the PC version.

I would totally make a club. Tbh i only wanted to learn french because 1) to insult my french teacher 2) Shout at the idiots who stole my gun in fortnite 3) to read le Rouge et le noir. So I don't really know why i would make a club but it would be fun!

lol Weirdstormtrooper When u accidentally switch a shield potion for a scar and a noob steals it sorry for off-topic downvotes are okay with me

yes.....thats what we are looking for!! We need duolingo to act swiftly in this regard and make it available Clubs on the PC version. Is there any way we can contact duolingo in this matter??

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