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czech is fun for me

i love duolingo. i used to be horrible, but now I'm ever so much better

December 12, 2017



I agree that Czech is quite hard, but -- for me at least -- spelling is no problem at all compared to WORD ORDER!!


Congratulation, but czech is very difficult. We have seven cases even for pronouns too. And ling. y , also soft i. , etcetera. Good luck


That's awesome to hear, keep up the great work!


I do not know where to post this question... But will someone please help me :((( I got my language changed over to Czech - but I speak English... and i do not know how to change it back :( PLEASE HELLLLP ! Thanks in advance! :D


you probably started to 'learn' english for czech speakers. Click on the flag next to your avatar in the blue bar on top and it should give you a list of languages you are learning. Once you pick czech (for english speakers) or other language, everything should switch to English, assuming that you are taking a course that is teaching that language from English.


I also recently started my Czech course, a good challenge but also very interesting so looking forward to learn more every day.


Man, you are a masochist. No kidding, Czech is very hard. Especially the spelling.

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