"Žofie has six fingers on her right hand."

Translation:Žofie má na pravé ruce šest prstů.

December 12, 2017

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Prečo nemôže byť aj „Žofie má šest prstu na pravé ruce“ ?


"Žofie má šest prstů na její pravé ruce" Why isn't it right? In Polish, Russian and Ukrainian we can use the analog for "její". Is it wrong in Czech?


Czech doesn't use possessive pronouns that much. The verb "mít" already implies that the hand is hers. She can't have six fingers on someone else's hand :D

And if you really wanted to add the possessive pronoun, it should be reflexive, i.e. "na své ruce", not "její". But even "své"/"svojí" is redundant here.


Is it OK this way round, "Na pravé ruce, žofie má šest prstů." ?


No. The closest correct and accepted word order to that is: "Na pravé ruce má Žofie šest prstů".

It makes no sense in Czech to separate the location (na pravé ruce) from the rest of the sentence.

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