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Different ways to learn, Different types of exercise.

It's known we have different ways to learn and each one of us sympathize with different ways. When i was doing the French Tree (from Portuguese) i noticed the lessons which i have to translate a portuguese phrase to french i actually learned much more than just take a phrase in french and translate to portuguese. 2017 has been a year that i dedicate to learn French, but in 2018 i'm going to learn Italian and Russian/Hungarian (i have not decided yet :p ) and i actually already started to do it. In my hungarian/russian lessons I can't do as well the lessons that i have to translate an english phrase to a hungarian/russian phrase, so i found (at least at the beginnig) the lessons really hard and quite desistimulating sometimes. That's because these 2 languages are very distinct from my mother language so i need a time to just get familiar with it, and that's pretty normal. But this problem i don't have in my Italian lessons, for the same reason. I really don't know how hard it is to the developers do that but... What if we have a button that adjust the percentage of type of exercise we want to do in the lessons? For somebody which wants to practice their listening skills, he just go and set the exercises to just appears listening exercises. I think that will help a lot. :)

Thanks for reading that and... As a true brazilian i have to say: I'm sorry for my bad english HAHA Don't mind if i made some mistakes. :)

Au revoir!

December 12, 2017



What is your motivation in studying either Russian or Hungarian? Business? Extensive travel? A personal connection? You probably already realize that Russian grammar is much more complicated than is true of any of the Romance languages. Hungarian is VERY difficult to learn. Know that it and Finnish are considered to be the most difficult languages to learn among European languages. Your request to be able to select an emphasis on listening comprehension indicates that you are interested in listening/speaking skills at this time rather than also including reading and writing skills. Duolingo utilizes all four skills because they support one another. Perhaps someone else on this site can suggest web resources which will respond to your desire to gain better control of the skills which interest you the most. Boa sorte!


I found both languages really hard and.. that is the fun about it! I really like russian, this language sounds very nice to me, it's so baddas and cool. My great grandmother was hungarian so i was deeply envolved in its culture by searching for the Magyar people in the internet, and this language is so weird and fun! Thanks for the attention!


Why did you choose to go from English to Russian or Hungarian rather than choose to go from Portuguese? Is the latter option not available? English has very little in common with the two other languages, nor does Portuguese. However you, undoubtably, have better command of your native language as opposed to using English as the portal to acquiring skills in other languages.


Yep, This languages are not available in Portuguese, but learning in english is not quite a problem because i know enough to do that. :) And I continue doing the Italian - English Tree because i've already started here and i'm to lazy to redo all these things in the Portuguese Tree. Haha


In timed practice mode you can press a button to skip exercises, so perhaps that would work for you. I find timed practice mode really challenging though because I can’t type that fast.


Yes! That's really challenging and i will try it more times later! But i still think that will be more cool if we have some option that we just do the type of exercise we want. That will be more.... easier. Haha


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