"Tu îi dai un calculator nou lui Sebastian."

Translation:You give a new computer to Sebastian.

December 12, 2017

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Does calculator also mean calculator (it's not accepted)


Pocket calculator? Yes. You can report it.


There's that liminal messaging again.


What is the meaning of "lui" here? Is confirm that YOU give specialy to SEBASTIAN


The computer is given to Sebastian. In English we can use an indirect object, "You give Sebastian a new computer" (more common), or we can use "to", "You give a new computer to Sebastian".

The equivalent in Romanian (and also certain other languages, like Latin and Polish) is to use the dative case of the noun. With most names this is done by preceding the name with "lui". It's the same as with the genitive - "Calculatorul lui Sebastian" - Sebastian's computer.


How do we separate context fron the genitive form? E.g. "give Sebastian the computer" vs "give Sebastian's computer (to)" (incomplete sentence?

Maybe it's down to practice, in that unlike English which looks to me to be context free in this case, other languages use a kind of wrapping bracket approach; the end of the sentence is required to understand the beginning of the sentence

Or am I way off here?


From the questions.

Tu îi dai un calculator nou lui Sebastian. Cui (To whom) ii dai un calculator nou? Cui? - dative.

Calculatorul lui Sebastian este defect. Sebastian's computer is malfunctioning/has a malfunction. Al cui (Whose?) calculator este defect? Al lui Sebastian - Al cui? - genitive.

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