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"She lived in New York last year."


December 12, 2017



去年 could come first in the sentence as well, but wasn't allowed.


Yeah, I was wondering about this myself. "Lived in New York" is definitely a completed action. Based upon what was presented at the beginning of this module, 了 should be in there.


去年 can be placed also at the beginning of the sentence, just before the subject. Please look at this explanation:

"Time words can appear in one of two positions in the sentence in Chinese: either at the beginning of the sentence (before the subject), or directly after the subject. The structures are:

Time + Subj. + Verb + Obj.

Subj. + Time + Verb + Obj."

Source: https://resources.allsetlearning.com/chinese/grammar/Time_words_and_word_order

Can someone add the other alternative, please?


what is the difference between 上年 and 去年 ?


It doesn't accept 上个年 either, which I think is also a mistake.


Reporting it since it still didn't accept "去年" at the front of the sentence...


I'm really irritated with the inconsistency between past and future tense particles, in Chinese.


Important: They're not really tense.
了 is about something being accomplished, which makes it an aspect particle.
会 is exactly like English 'will' or 'going to', a modal auxiliary.

(Yes, it's true: English technically has future modality, not future tense! Your grammar book lied!)

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