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How do I see a compiled list of every post or comment I've written?

How do I see a compiled list of every post or comment I've written?

I tried searching my name in the search bar, but it turned up 0 results. I often comment as a way to alert myself to come back to a thread, but I thought searching for old posts/comments would be more straightforward...

December 12, 2017



Surprise, surprise!
Their forum system does NOT support that!

Find a unique string (generated) and add it to each post at the bottom you write.

This is the best thing you can do right now: https://www.google.de/search?q=site%3Aduolingo.com+DoctorArbol


The Duolingo search is no good for that, but you can use Google: http://bfy.tw/FXIC


Thanks, very useful!
Is there also a possibility to sort it by date. I would like to see the most recent discussion on top of the list.

[deactivated user]

    You don't. Unless you have followed the discussion


    There was a new thread opened, that sometimes even the "follow" button does NOT make a discussion be followed.

    Probably a new bug...


    why don't you click on "Follow Discussion" on the top right hand corner of the discussion?


    I just experimented by clicking on "Followed" up near the top under "Discussion Stream" and kept scrolling down. I think everything was included (even the lesson discussions) going back to my first comment that received 11 down votes 5 years ago, when I told folks I thought our time could be better spent studying.


    I am curious. You have not found a better way to study Spanish in the last 5 years? :-)


    Actually, I pretty much abandoned DL after they dropped immersion until a few months ago. Immersion was a fanastic way to study Spanish (or any other language). When I learned Korean was going to be introduced, I came back to DL, regilded my Spanish tree just for fun while witing for Korean, went through the Korean course as soon as it was rolled out for PC, and then decided to go through it again to help with the Beta process. In so doing I got caught up in these discussions, and seem to be spending the majority of my time interacting with the community, trying to payback a little for the wonderful service DL has provided.

    My favorite ways to stay in touch with Spanish are:




    and reading simple novels. I'm currently reading "El cielo es real" the true-life story of a little boy's celestial experience when he almost died on the operating table. Another one you might enjoy is El Alquimista, which you can download for free off the web. Another source is the youth section of the local library, though It's been a couple of years since I explored that avenue.

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