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How do I see a compiled list of every post or comment I've written?

How do I see a compiled list of every post or comment I've written?

I tried searching my name in the search bar, but it turned up 0 results. I often comment as a way to alert myself to come back to a thread, but I thought searching for old posts/comments would be more straightforward...

December 12, 2017



Surprise, surprise!
Their forum system does NOT support that!

Find a unique string (generated) and add it to each post at the bottom you write.

This is the best thing you can do right now: https://www.google.de/search?q=site%3Aduolingo.com+DoctorArbol


The Duolingo search is no good for that, but you can use Google: http://bfy.tw/FXIC


Thanks, very useful!
Is there also a possibility to sort it by date. I would like to see the most recent discussion on top of the list.

[deactivated user]

    You don't. Unless you have followed the discussion


    There was a new thread opened, that sometimes even the "follow" button does NOT make a discussion be followed.

    Probably a new bug...


    why don't you click on "Follow Discussion" on the top right hand corner of the discussion?


    I just experimented by clicking on "Followed" up near the top under "Discussion Stream" and kept scrolling down. I think everything was included (even the lesson discussions) going back to my first comment that received 11 down votes 5 years ago, when I told folks I thought our time could be better spent studying.


    I am curious. You have not found a better way to study Spanish in the last 5 years? :-)

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