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Laufen and Rennen.

Guten Tag zusammen. I always understood laufen as walking and rennen as running. However I have reason to believe that sometimes the laufen overlaps with the rennen. Is this correct?

Liebe Grüße


December 12, 2017

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to walk = gehen

to run = rennen

"laufen" is somewhere in between. Colloquially, it's more or less interchangeable with "to walk" as in "Ich laufe die Straße entlang" = "Ich gehe ..." = "I walk along the street". Doesn't need to be quick. "Gehen" isn't usually quick, so if you want to say you walk at a faster pace, you'd use "laufen".

In athletics, "10 km Gehen" = "10 km race walk"; and "laufen" ("to run"?), as opposed to "gehen", is when your feet are allowed to be both in the air at the same time (at least that's what they taught at my school).

If you "go running" as a sport, we'd either call it "joggen" or "laufen".

By the way, we use "walken", too (English pronunciation), for the sport of Nordic walking, with those "skiing" sticks.

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