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"The girl's skirt is big and white."

Translation:La falda de la niña es grande y blanca.

March 16, 2013



So why grande and not gran in this instance?


Because the "grande " it is used to the later. for example... mi falda es grande(end). MY SKIRT IS BIG or LARGE.. here always is "grande"

AND "gran" it is used before for expample...

It is a big city. ES UNA gran CIUDAD. oooorr ES UNA CIUDAD grande.

ONE MORE.. I have a big pant. TENGO UN PANTALON grande.

ooooooor TENGO UN gran pantalon.


Oh thanks. I didn't even get that far but you educated me


Thanks, Luis. This was a great explanation to understand the underlying concept.


this is what i was wanting to know! i thought you could use them interchangably, but may be not...


Hola fran.freeman1: "gran" is used only in front of the noun and it means "great". "Grande" is placed after the noun and it means "large". CHAU


What is nena, because when i gave the answer it said i was.wrong and corrected me by saying nena.


Why is "La falda de niña" not correct?


It is the skirt of one specific girl.


bilabialboxing: In Spanish when showing possession ,the definite article is only left out when it is a specific name of a person. In other words you can say 'la falda de Maria es grande y blanca' but when it is not a person's name, one must use the definite article and in this case one must use 'la'. It is one of those pesky little Spanish grammar rules.


Hey I don't know how to PM on this, but: does bilabialboxing by any chance refer refer to beatboxing?


bilabialboxing: You left out "the" ("la")


I wrote, "Su falda es grande y blanca," but I'm not sure why it is incorrect.


Because you wrote 'her skirt is big and white. You left out 'the girl's' ; The sentence literally translates 'the skirt of the girl' from Spanish to English. So using English grammar it would be 'the girl's skirt'


what's the difference between "enorme" and "grande"?


I believe "enorme" is used to emphasize that something is too big, it could be translated as huge, while "grande" is simply big.


Why is it grande and not granda (fem.) for skirt; when blanco is blanca?


Hola Eva: The adjective "grande" does not change with feminine or masculine. Usually adjectives that end in "e" do not change. Some other examples: excelente, urgente, inteligente, fuerte, caliente, brillante, interesante, etc. All of these can be used to describe a feminine noun or a masculine noun. For a plural noun, just add "s".


Muchas gracias Lisa.....this really helped my adjective thinking. I appreciate your time.


Does anybody know how to type the accents?


Hola maryneedha: On a PC: (1) Be sure NUMLOCK is on

(2) Hold down the ALT key

(3) Type the code on the numeric pad:

á = 0225

é = 0233

í = 0237

ó = 0243

ú = 0250

ü = 0252

¿ = 0191

¡ = 0161

I do not know how to do it on a Mac.


Thanks, I missed the need for NUMLOCK when I was trying to get the codes to work. Apparently the keypad must be used for it to take, even with the NUMLOCK.


Á é í ó & ú can all be entered on a PC by holding the Alt Gr key while pressing the respective non-accented letter.


On a PC, go into the control panel and add the US-International Keyboard. You then type special characters by pressing and holding Right-Alt while typing the letter. Easy peasy!


Love the comments section! Is it new with the recent upgrade or does this feature become apparent at this partuclar level? Also ...can anyone tell me where to find tildes etc on a Samsung 3 tablet?


On the S3 phone, pressing and holding the letter key causes a window to pop up with choices for special characters that go with that letter. Simply slide your finger to the choice you want. I assume this method is universal across most devices.


Try these:

ñ - alt +0241 ; Ñ - alt +0209


Why can't I use larga instead of grande? Does largo(a) only mean long?


I learned it as only meaning "long", not "big".


"La falda de la nena." Nena?? I have never seen the word "nena" used for girl. Is this a mistake or is nena another term?

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