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Glitches in the Romanian program

Has any one else found that despite revision the strength bars in the Romanian program don't strengthen? I can put up with the rather limited acceptance of alternative translations but not acknowledging the revisions is somewhat irritating. I have completed the Romanian course and am now trying to bring all the strength bars up to date as I have done in French and German so that I only have a few lessons to revise each day. I am posting this here because there is no longer the facility in the actual lessons to do this, which is a pity because the Romanian program still needs some improvement.

December 13, 2017

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I haven't been able to practice my Romanian in a few days but when I was practicing it was working. I would perhaps report this to troubleshooting.


This is most probably a bug with the app, either due to the app itself or to the device you are using. I recommend reporting it (in the feedback section of the app) and trying to use Duolingo from a web browser. I usually experience lag on my phone, but on the PC it works fine. Hope this helps! :-)

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