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Something Annoying

So one thing that I've been noticing lately is that everybody keeps posting discussions asking for lingots. This honestly gets me so annoyed because yes, while it's nice to earn them, I just don't find it necessary at all. Especially considering the fact that you hardly even need them. I mean, other then quizzes, outifts, and powerups, they don't have any other use. The whole point of Duolingo is to help people learn new languages. That's literally what we're all here for. Stuff like this takes the whole purpose of that away. I genuinely want to see questions and discussions that I can contribute to, whether they're having trouble with learning the language, want a pen pal, or are having technical difficulties. So please, I don't wanna see anymore subject lines titled, "Give me lingots?" It's stupid if anything. But anyways thanks for listening to my rant but I had to say something about it.

December 13, 2017



I always figure Lingot beggars are newbies. Anyone who has been around and seriously working for a week or two on a language will have more than enough Lingots for their needs. People who are here for the Lingots are not going to last very long. I just scroll on by the Lingot requests. I do wish that there were more of interesting discussions though. The Lingot begging ones take up a lot of room.


I agree. I have 60 lingots and have bought everything in the store. The only thing I need lingots for is the streaksaver which I haven't had to reboost for weeks and the invest 5 and get it doubled deal that it has in the store.

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