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If I use lingots to buy the timer feature can i get rid of it if I don't like it?

December 13, 2017



It seems that sometimes people don't like it. Are you stuck with the timer once you get it?


Don't buy it.
The "give store item back" user script is not working anymore for the new (Scala) web portal!

And the source code seems to have been deleted by the script author; it is not archived, if I remember correctly.

If you do, there is an additional screen with two buttons each time you start a strengthen session.
You can choose to start timed, or normal.

But people usually complain even about THIS additional screen.

There is no default setting so you can pass this screen without any button clicking.

Maybe it is doable as an additional user script, but nobody has programmed it so far.


You have the choice not to use it, don't worry.


So is it kind of like a "one-time buy" thing then? Buy once, use infinite times?


Yes it is, once you've bought it you can choose "practice without a timer" or "start timed practice" for new stuff use "without a timer" as this gives you time to consider what is written/said and what you write. Once you are more confident, ie recapping, timed practice gives you a challenge to understand and write things more quickly.

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