"The dog eats there."

Translation:Il cane mangia là.

March 16, 2013

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Là is actually used more commonly than lì. When in doubt use là.


"là" and "lì" have the same meaning.

There are some fixed expression with one or the other like

"Vado di là" (here "là" = the other room)

"Sei lì lì per arrenderti" (you have almost surrendered... "lì lì" = almost)



Wordreference can help you with all the idiomatic uses of the two words. :)


Thank you! I will go through the links. I noticed that you refer to some websites for clarifications in Italian. Could you recommend 5 sites that people could use?


Not so far, I simply look for random links when there are issues. I am not a language teacher. :)

Of course wordreference is a good dictionary.

The best thing would be that you tell me the sites you would like to use to study, and I can tell you if they are correct or not.

The ones that can tell if they are easy to understand are you. :D


I use WordReference. Also http://www.forvo.com is good for learning correct pronunciation.

I find that Googling something I'm not sure about turns up some very helpful pages that can explain language problems quite well.


This is still not clear to me. When I studied Italian a few years ago (formal lessons) I was told that li and la were similar to qui and qua; li was here, and la was there.

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