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Weil vs Wenn vs Da

I was redoing the Conjunctions lesson and I see there's about three words that mean because (weil, wenn, da) and I really can't tell the differences on when to use them? Help

December 13, 2017



"Weil" and "da" are indeed interchangeable in the meaning "because". "Da" just has some other meanings too. So you actually could always use "da" instead of "weil", but not always "weil" instead of "da".

"Wenn" however never has the meaning "because", it means "when" or "if"


Thank you for explaining. I can only remember seeing "da" used in the context of there.


You're welcome :)
"Da" is a little less used for "because", most people will use "weil" in most contexts. This might be the reason that you never encountered "da" as "because".


Don't forget "denn", it also means because.


Sind wir schon "da"? Are we "there" yet?

I’m going "there". Ich gehe "da"…. -> is really really wrong. Ich gehe dahin. is correct

Weihnachten ist "da". Christmas is "here".

Ist noch Suppe "da"? Is "there" still some soup? (no location specified)

"Da" ich Hunger habe, esse ich. "Because" I am hungry I eat.

also can use of "Da" instead of "weil" and "als" ..

remember German people love "Da" in conversation ;)


Weil = because, wenn =if/when and da = there. There may be alternative meanings that I haven't come across. I suppose there are some instances where one of these words could be substituted for another in a sentence but not always.

Du kannst nicht zur Schule gehen, weil du krank bist. = You can't go to school because you're sick.

Du kannst nicht zur Schule gehen, wenn du krank bist. = You can't go to school if/when you're sick.

I don't believe da would work in place of weil or wenn in this particular example. Maybe someone who knows more can provide further explanation.


"Du kannst nicht zur Schule gehen, da du krank bist." is possible too. "Da" can indeed mean "weil".

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