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  5. "明天星期四。"


Translation:Tomorrow is Thursday.

December 13, 2017



I'm a native Chinese speaker. 明天是星期四 would be better. 明天星期四 sounds like Tomorrow, Thursday (For emphasizing.) Sometimes 明天星期四 means Tomorrow is Thursday. That's for answering a question. Q:明天星期幾? A:明天星期四。


I keep typing 'tommorow' instead of 'tomorrow'. I know this, but can't duo have a little leeway for typos?


I don't know about this course, but you usually/often get one typo (such as transposing two adjacent letters) allowed in other courses (provided it does not create another valid word) but yours has effectively two typos and the computer algorithm cannot cope with that. The computer would lose the plot trying to keep track of all possible multiple-letter spelling errors and differentiate them from actual mistakes. That would be almost impossible.

However it would be possible for the moderator to allow your misspelt word if they thought it was a common enough error, but even then they would have to allow everyone else's common spelling errors for every word .......aaaargh!


This sentence is incorrect... because today is Tuesday. :-)


Why would Thursday is tomorrow not work?


It's legitimate english but it's not really conducive to the flow sadly.


The character for 'four' is incorporated into 星赿四. Why is T hursday associated with four?


They just say "4th day of the week", "5th day of the week" and "5th month" instead of your usual "Thursday", "Friday" or "May". They count to 6 starting on Monday and use "sun" or "day" (天/日) for Sunday.

(Definitely raises the question about whether or not they believe Thursdays are unlucky days...)


I put Thursday is tomorrow... I think I'm a masochist as I'm really enjoying it now that it's gotten tricky!


Why "tomorrow is THE 12th" but "tomorrow is Thursday"? I keep getting those mistakes not for chinese

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