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A new competitive club

I noticed that to get progress in fluency you need at least 350 XPs a day. It is getting harder as the percentage is higher. But 350 is enough to keep the fluency in high levels. So I created a competitive club to aid learners. This club is called Amour! Club code ZZHEJC. The terms of the contest are simple: Get 350 XP in each week. But no 0 XPers are accepted to stay in the club for long time more than a few hours and no 0 streakers!

Everybody who is trying to learn the language and not just playing with it is welcome! Not extreme scores but steady and competitive learning! Monitoring and administering a club is a serious job!

Learners welcome!!!

December 13, 2017



Can you check the code, and re-post it?


350 xp a day? Zowie, that's hardcore. I wouldn't be able to keep up with that. My max is 120XP and that was brutal. Bonne Chance and I'm interested in knowing how well it works out.

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