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Correct solution?

Wouldn’t it be nice that when an answer is wrong and the correct solution is given by dl you can also, like when starting out with the question, listen to the corrected word/sentence when tapping it? Many times the correct answer is given but I cannot read nor understand the corrected hànzi! That’s why I rather would like that the question is still active even when already corrected!

December 13, 2017


[deactivated user]

    You can go to sentence discussion and click on the words. I don't think there's TTS though.


    I got the microsoft pinyin keyboard and try to type the chinese instead of pressing the buttons (which is more recognition or multiple choice than being able to actually remember a word in Chinese) but on English -> Chinese you would have to go into block mode to listen to the characters you want and hope you can type it and remember it for the future.

    I think a relatively easy remedy would be to include the english translation in the green correct box when it asks you a pronunciation question. I think that would let people connect the character, the pronunciation, and the meaning together, whereas right now it only really inherently tests two at a time.

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