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  5. "Matěji, jste dobrý přítel."

"Matěji, jste dobrý přítel."

Translation:Matěj, you are a good friend.

December 13, 2017



Something seems strange with this one. If Matěj is someone's "good friend," wouldn't "jsi" be more likely used than "jste"? Probably I am over-thinking this, but Inquiring Minds Want to Know...


Not necessarily. It is not unusual to be using first names and be on formal term at the same time. Common at workplace. In English, once you switch to first name you are automatically iinformal. In Czech you can still be formal. Your boss would call you John but use formal VY at the same time. You might call him Mr. Smith.


Yes but would you vykat a “dobrý přítel”? I've known some stuffy characters in my life, but…


Yes. Mainly among the older generations though.


Could someone explain to me the difference of Zofie vy jste dobra and Matej jste dobry. Why the vy in the female? My head hurts lol.


The vy is completely optional and can be used in both sentences. "Matěji, vy jste dobrý přítel." is completely fine.


Thank you very much.


I can hardly hear that 'i" at the end of "Matěji". Even at the slow pace.


Maybe it's a problem with audio, try * audio is not correct*


I can hear it very clearly.


So is přítel used for all male friends, including a boyfriend, or does it just mean friend or does it just mean boyfriend? I am a wee bit confused about that.


Both. When used by a woman or about a woman as "můj přítel" or "její přítel" it almost always means a boyfriend unless the context calls for otherwise. For men it is mostly a very good friend, a trusted friend. I am not sure about the current language situation in gay circles though, but I heard that "partner" was more common for a "boyfriend" to be explicit.


Špatná výslovnost ,,Matěji,,


Mužská nebo ženská? Jak špatná? Ve větě, nobo při klikání na slovo? Prosím, buď napište detaily, nebo prostě hlaste tlačítkem, tyhle komentáře nejsou k ničemu dobré.


Cant the translation be "Matej, are you a good friend?"


I am native AmE, but it seems to me that it could be translated that way... certainly if the original contained a question mark.

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