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Chinese course suggestions

I'm trying to follow the chinese course (now in beta), but I find it suboptimal.

It's nice to associate the pronounce to chinese symbols, but it's frustrating to learn a new sound and being unable to associate it with the word/meaning.

Another thing that would be very, very useful to have is a page with all the chinese characters learned so far so that clicking it you can hear the sound and the meaning. That would be great for reharseal.

December 13, 2017



You should do memrise HSK 1-3 courses so you can learn the characters and the pinyin. Or you can just google HSK 1-3 and see the word list. Good luck!


Dulingo doesn't seem to have released an official Chinese TinyCards deck as yet, but maybe this bunch will be of use: https://tinycards.duolingo.com/users/19LoriS

To see and hear the characters/words you've learned so far, you can follow these steps:

1) Switch your account to French

2) Go to Discussions

3) In a separate browser tab, switch to the Chinese course

4) Return to the tab with the French course

5) Click on the Words tab

You can also just make your practice in the normal lessons and reviews harder by muting the sound on your computer or phone. That'll give you a chance to test your memory of the pronunciation before you hear it.

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