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French movies?

Hey guys, i have watched a number of mainstream movies in french but i am running out of them now. Any suggestions for other movies not as main stream. kind of like low budget movies?


December 13, 2017



Please,give the links.Thanks.


You might want to try this. Unfortunately, you cannot choose any language for the subtitle coz it only has French.

P.S. I saw this link from the other discussion. Hehe



How can you run out of movies to watch if YouTube exists? Simply type in "film complet français" on YouTube and enjoy thousands of not so good, not as mainstream films. Try to watch just VO and not dubbed.

Granted, if you're looking for good or popular movies with high video quality with good subtitles, they're hard to find online.

And since you're looking for suggestions, here's a short list of movies I own that you may not have heard of:

  • Le papillon (2002)
  • Un jour mon père viendra (2012)
  • Oui, mais... (1991)
  • Envoyés très spéciaux (2009)
  • Le tatoué (1968)


If you have a Netflix account you can search for movies by audio language. They will usually be dubbed but it's still something to watch, and it's in French!

You can also look at any DVDs you might own to see if they have a French soundtrack.


Thanks for the comments!


Hiya, I am watching alot of French shorts for some reason. My favorites are L'accordeur and Juste Amie both are under 15 minutes. Quelle surprise at how much movie can be stuffed into 15 minutes. Check Youtube. I'm also watching French cartoons Bob Moran and Les Mysterieuse Cite D'or. Hope this helps, bonne chance!

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