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Warning: Disable Firefox Greasemonkey addon auto-update - V4.1 breaks user-scripts!

Hi all,

this is a quick warning, probably already too late for the most user-script users.

quote "XanderL" on Memrise forum: https://community.memrise.com/t/memrise-release-notes-28-nov-2017-update-on-changes-to-typing-test/19386/230
On firefox tampermonkey can be installed by going to this link:


Please note:

Greasemonkey 4.1 newest update from 12/12/2017 won't work anymore with any installed Memrise user scripts (e.g all typing, auto correct, timer disabler, etc.).

This will also apply 99,9% to user scripts written and running for DuoLingo (can't and won't test this in more depth!).

The addon auto-update (V4.1) "crashed" both my systems and I lost my streak on one Memrise course before midnight.

As soon as you start Firefox, you can't do anything about the addon "auto-update".

You would have to disable it in the Firefox config / XML files before manually, before starting Firefox!!!

I have to run Firefox ESR 52.5.2:
You manually need to downgrade to Greasemonkey V3.17 and disable auto-updates: https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/downloads/file/736199/greasemonkey-3.17-fx.xpi

All user scripts would need to be rewritten for Greasemonkey V4.0 (was not available for <57.0) V4.1 / Firefox V57.0, as mentioned on their website.


Users who are using Chrome (or Firefox) would have to migrate to Tampermonkey (I never have tested Tampermonkey on Firefox <57.0 or newest Firefox V57.0 and did not know it is also available for Firefox).

Take care!

December 13, 2017



You are always posting useful stuff. Have a lingot


Thanks for this post. Firefox had already updated Greasemonkey, but downgrading and disabling auto-updates worked wonders!


Thank you very much, although I don't want to have anything to do with Greasemonke or Tampermonkey.

By the way, that sounded really complicated, one more reason to avoid them.



thanks for your feedback.

Well, have you had installed / tested any DuoLingo and Memrise scripts before?

  • new ones for the DuoLingo (Scala) portal: "DuoLingo tree enhancer", "Auto-follow fix", "re-enable textareas", etc.

  • old ones for the DuoLingo (Python) portal: "Trim tree", "course progress", "DuoLingo stats", Forum: "DuoLingo flag language", etc., still usable with the duo.old_web_url_whitelist=["^.+"] workaround!

  • Memrise: IMHO you clearly can't use their web portal to the max. without installing a lot of user scripts like "Timer disabler", "all typing", "audio provider", "auto correct", etc.
    There are so MANY useful scripts, which can just help your own learning / review (RECALLING) experience!

My initial posting sounded complicated to you?

  • Sorry I do not know any other compatible user script addons for the moment :(
    Stylish just allows simple HTML / CSS tweaking (not the more advanced programming script stuff): https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24634938/Lessons-Userstyle-to-get-some-things-of-the-old-look-back

  • Probably because I am not an English native speaker (2nd language)

  • I am an "IT guy", that means I am a technical person with profound background (business / working) knowledge in computer / programming stuff

  • Writing stuff "the easy / most simple" way may not be one of my best strengths - I do not make a living of writing books/blogs/guides/documentation and juggling around with words ;)

However, I can assure you that my above article was just typed really QUICK to get it out (to help others who had it already running) as fast as I can, and I did NOT even try to focus on using only "(very) simple words" directed to the usual beginner user "DAU: Dümmster anzunehmender User", who may have NEVER heard about it before.
If you could tell me on "HelloLingo chat" (link on my Duo profile) e.g your age, your IT background, what you would like to learn / know about those tools and user scripts, to give you a solid background information, I can also try to write a quite simple "First Easy installation Howto step-by-step guide".
I am almost sure that if you have not installed any those tools before / played around with them (including user scripts), that the above article is (definitely) NOT the right "introduction" guide to "step into it" this matter.

Quote: one more reason to avoid them.

Das ist meines Erachtens leider aber genau der falsche Schluß!!!

Es gibt Leute die werden halt durch Berichte / Blogs motiviert, sich in neue Sachen einzuarbeiten oder sich "Hilfe zu holen", bis es endlich funktioniert (z.B Remote Desktop, Remote Support).

Anderer Leute sind schon gleich von Anfang an davon abgeschreckt und geben viel zu früh auf.

If you are really interested to learn about this and how it can help your learning on Memrise or DuoLingo:

I am an opened-minded person.
I would love to help you further and I would definitely write another (better) article just for you or any other beginners.
If all of that IT stuff could help you, I would feel very happy!

Tell me what part you need to understand, what technical stuff sounds too complicated and I will try to find a way to help you.


Thank you very much for your explanation. But I am not interested in user scripts for the moment.

Your explanation was ok, it sounded complicated to me, because of the topic of the different versions.

By the way, your English is good, and like Duolingo would say: "Keep up the good work, and don't stop improving your English".

To answer your question: Yes I did install GreaseMonkey once, to use it on Agar.io, I don't remember if it worked or not, but I didn't go deeper about the userscripts.


you are so supportive, thank you!

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