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Duolingo - spoiler formatting?

Greetings :)

Does anyone know how to use a "spoiler" format on Duolingo? Is it even possible?

By spoiler format, I mean something like this:

[spoiler] text text text [/spoiler]

It would be really useful for making hideable word lists for the long posts!

December 13, 2017



Currently, it's not possible. But it would be a neat feature to have to hide translations for those who want some reading practice in their target language.


That's too bad... would it be possible to make coding like (https://i.imgur.com/9Z9Jokw.png) useable, like on github?


L'xabj, V ybir EBG13 gbb.


I was thinking more about hiding some unnecessary parts of comments like jokes, but yes :)

Also, it may be practical to be able to hide lengthy detailed explanations [spoiler]a.k.a. mind-stunning walls of text[/spoiler] leaving only tl;dr summaries on the surface.



Yes... it would be an amazing feature, lately I made some word lists but I can post them directly, they are just too long. And the blackout spoilers would make it possible to create quite nifty "how-much-you-remember" revision lists ;)

I looked around a bit and found that Markdown syntax for putting spoilers is ">zzz!" (cut out the zzz) but it doesn's seem to be working here :( edit: works only on github apparently...


No, This is not possible... yet.

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