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"Váš pokoj bude dražší kvůli větší posteli."

Translation:Your room will be more expensive because of the bigger bed.

December 13, 2017



Anybody want to weigh in on "costlier" versus "more costly"? I see that costlier is the grammatically correct construction, but as a native speaker my first inclination would be to use more costly. Do actual usage and comprehension amount to acceptable answers when learning a language?


That's a very cool tool. Never knew about that before. Thanks.


why can't this also be: "because of "a" bigger bed?


Your room will be dearer because of the bigger bed - marked wrong. Why?


This word is much less common and so will likely be missing in many more sentences. Just report it as missing using the button.

We may also go through all the sentences and add it where applicable, but it requires some free time.

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