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  5. "I have many aunts."

"I have many aunts."

Translation:Mám mnoho tet.

December 13, 2017



why is it "tet" and not "tety"?


it is Genitive, which happens to be TET. Many, a lot, little ... behave as numbers from 5 up.


I thought in other "have" constructions, eg. Matej has a young wife, the wife has only been in accusative form, not genitive. (But I may be wrong about that, of course.) Is it purely the addition of mnoho which requires the genitive form of aunts? If I were to say "I have young aunts" - would they be in the accusative?


You're correct. "Mnoho" requires genitive, while you would use Acc in "I have young aunts."


Thank you for that. I've been struggling to get my head round all the endings so I'm relieved to find I'm not so far off the mark!

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