"The chemist makes tomato soup."

Translation:Chimistul face supă de roșii.

December 13, 2017

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[deactivated user]

    Why does the answer say rosii instead of rosi?


    I think it's because "roşii" is the correct plural form, and based on what I gathered from exercises so far, if you are reffering to a food made of other food (supă de roşii, suc de mere), apparently you go with assumption that you need a more than one (tomatoes soup, apples juice) item of food to make another one. Seems counterintuitive given the English phrasing, but (to me) it seems to be the notion in Romanian. Someone please correct me if I got it wrong.


    But it is "suc de zmeură" and "suc de lămâie", both singular... I think you need more than one raspberry to make raspberry juice ^^


    Okay, what's going on with the articles in this skill? I understand that the point is to learn professions, but this is neither here nor there. Are you not suppose to phrase it like... o supă de roşii or ... supa de roşiii?


    *supa de roşii (typo, sorry)

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