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Conscripts and Adapted Scripts!

For those who don't know, a conscript (short for constructed script) is a made up writing system designed to write a natural or constructed language. An adapted script is a natural writing system that has been adapted to write another (possibly unrelated) language. I made this post to showcase some of my favorite conscripts, as well as to ask about your (favorite) conscripts, if you have any.

My favorite conscripts are:

  • Chữ Vòng (Circle Script)
    Chữ Vòng is a writing system used to write Vietnamese in a fashion similar to how Korean writing works. One of the unique things about this script is that it uses special characters to write dipthongs, with some of those characters being actual Chinese characters. Tones are marked using radicals, similar to how Chinese characters are built. Here is a sample of the script:

    For more information about this conscript, you can find it here.

  • Finnish Script (suomalainen kirjaimisto)
    Finnish Script is a writing system used for writing Finnish that is designed to show off its logical grammar and vowel harmony. It's an alphabet, but because of the shape of vowels, letters can connect together. Here is a sample of the script:

    For more information about this conscript, you can find it here.

  • Cloud and Rain (Felhő és Eső)
    Cloud and Rain is a writing system used for writing Hungarian. It's unique among writing systems as it is a fully vocalized abjad, which few languages written in abjads have achieved. (Uyghur is one example.) It can also be written left to right, as well as up to down (in this case lines are right to left). In addition, it has a printed form where its letter forms take inspiration from the Armenian writing system. Here are samples of the script in its three forms:

    For more information on this conscript, you can find it here.

As for Adapted Scripts, I typically enjoy adaptations of Cyrillic and the Arabic abjad into other languages. I made a system for Cyrillic in Spanish, which you can find here.

Thanks for reading! Please feel free to discuss your favorite conscript(s)/adapted scripts or any conscripts/adapted scripts you created!

December 13, 2017



I love Kraaienveer, an alternative alphabet for Dutch.

For more information: https://www.omniglot.com/conscripts/kraaienveer.htm


You peeked my curiousity.... I tried it out:


Awesome! I'm glad you're enjoying conscripts. :]


I'd be interested in one to write quicker (instead of aesthetic reasons).


The cloud and rain looks like Arabic script.


Personally the Cloud and Rain reminds me more of the traditional Mongolian script, especially when written up to down.


It's very fascinating and informative! I love to see such different scripts! Thank you OmegaGmaster for your effort for making this post! :) Besides, I didn't know that a Finnish script like that exists.


I forgot to include the note about the meaning I wanted to discuss. Thanks.


Some of those are pretty neat. Thanks for posting.

But "conscript" is a really bad choice for the term to identify such--not that you chose it, but I'm just saying. "Conscript" already means someone who is forced into some sort of service, such as a person who is drafted into the armed forces. It's a widely used term.

Ah, I see that Luscinda has already posted about this. Well, there's no reason she should be downvoted, since this definitely should be pointed out. Bet I'll be downvoted, too.


Well, you can say Chữ Vòng as the Hangul of Vietnamese. Reason:- It is written in blocks like Hangul, both of them are invented using Chinese characters, and one block represents a syllable which includes consonants, vowels(required part) and tones!! ;)

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