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  5. "Piš své matce častěji."

"Piš své matce častěji."

Translation:Write your mother more often.

December 13, 2017



Why is : 'write more often to your mother' wrong


Just to let you know that this is incorrect. It should be 'Write to your mother more often'. 'Write your mother' is a (lazy) Americanism


Allowed by the (British!) dictionary

write somebody (North American English) Write me while you're away. https://www.oxfordlearnersdictionaries.com/definition/english/write

It is used even in formal texts, like some modern translations of the Bible https://biblehub.com/romans/15-15.htm


And when there's an object (write somebody something), it isn't even North American English, it's just plain English. And if Oxford isn't enough, Cambridge agrees.


This has obviously already come up but in British English 'Write your mother' is wrong in both spoken and written discourse. It must be 'to your mother'.


Please read the existing discussions first. See my link to Oxford dictionary. It is marked as North American English.


Both versions are accepted as both are correct. If you want to know whether a BrE alternative is accepted, you can either try it -- and Report if your answer is rejected -- or Report and ask about it. The Report option is strongly recommended.

Duolingo, being based in the US, leans by default toward US usage. BrE usage is not likely to override AmE usage, especially when, as in this case., AmE usage is recognized by an authoritative BrE source.

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