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  5. "한국, 파이팅!"

"한국, 파이팅!"

Translation:Go, Korea!

December 13, 2017



Actually in this context i agree with Go korea. 'good luck' doesn't make any sense here. In fact i don't think 'good luck' is a good translation for 'fighting'. The feeling is different. I played a lot of sports tournaments in Korea and the feeling is different from 'good luck' in a lot of contexts. 'do your best' would be better


파이팅/화이팅 has many translations depending on the context. It can mean "go" like "go Korea", it can mean "you can do it" before you do something difficult like a test, or it can mean "cheer up" after you bomb said test. I generally just think of it as "keep your fighting spirit high" and don't worry about it too much after living here in Korea for 3 years, it just means a Korean is trying to be nice to you.


Also 화이팅 too


This pronunciation sounds odd, more like "pie-ting" than sounding close to "fighting". Not sure if this is an issue but it's good for others to know how to pronounce correctly.


That's correct. No issue. This is the common dictionary form. K dramas use the phonetically closer (but less well regarded in native dictionaries) form of 화이팅.


Its a borrowed word, just translate it as is. Colloquialisms will confuse people trying to learn.


It's not really borrowed as it doesn't have the same meaning, didn't come from having had it, and even violates the grammaticality of the word if it were borrowed directly. It's Konglish like 핸드폰. I'm also not sure I get the point you want to make. It's a commonly used word in Korean like many of the others in this course.


Fighting! Korea!


so, "Go South Korea" is apparently wrong, I really don't think that the name 한국 represent the whole korean peninsula

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