"We do not eat the sandwich."

Translation:Noi nu mâncăm sandviciul.

December 13, 2017

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What is the difference between mâncăm, mâncați, and mânamca?


Verbs in Romanian conjugate, which means they change their ending depending on the pronoun they're used with.

The verb mânca conjugates as follows in the present tense:

Eu mănânc - I eat
Tu mănânci - You (singular) eat
El/ea mănâncă - He/she eats
Noi mâncăm - We eat
Voi mâncați - You (plural) eat
Ei/ele mănâncă - They eat


What is the difference between Tu and Voi? Is it with the singular and plural? So far i think it is but i just wish to make sure


Yes, Tu means you in singular. Voi means you in plural.

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