"Fata bea sucuri și mănâncă torturi."

Translation:The girl drinks juices and she eats cakes.

December 13, 2017

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1: The second "she" is not necessary. 2: "The girl IS drinking juices and eating cakes" should also be accepted (without a second IS after the "and").


"The girl drinks juices and eats cakes" is accepted.


I wrote "the girl drinks juices and eats cakes" and it was not accepted.


Most likey you made an additional error but the second she caught your eye. This is exactly what happened to me. I figured it out after i submitted my flag saying it was wrong.


The plural of juice is juice, unless you really want to stress that she is drinking lots of different kinds. I suspect the Romanian simply means several glasses of juice.


oh boy.... "torturi" ... it's known that "tort" refers to the multi-layer cake that's all dressed up with fanciness. Hence, to eat multiple tort's means the girl is eating multiple multi-layer cakes

Interpreted correctly?

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