I'm from Hawaii, and I think it would be amazing to have a Hawaiian course. Who else thinks so?

December 13, 2017


Well, see for me, I already know some Hawaiian. I thought I might could help with the course or something, if I'm not to busy.

Are you fluent? What's your level?

Only completely fluent speakers can contribute to Duolingo courses.

If someone is fluent then they can apply here:

But don't expect a reply soon - can take months (or never if they don't get around to a course)

I love Hawaii, especially Maui. I agree with you, that would be cool to know some of the language. Thank you for the link to upvote. I took advantage of it.

We'll be waiting a long time for Duo to do anything about it - why don't you give us all a lesson, Auli'i?

Incidentally, there's some sort of irony bypass around these boards whereby if you use the name of someone in the public eye, people don't necessarily get the joke. Of course, if you are an American actress who works on children's films, there are other reasons for not using your own name on message boards...

Excuse me, I do not understand what you mean by your sentence Luscinda?

What is the language called that Hawaii people speak or does it have a name I am not really sure but that does sound awesome

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