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Where would you go?

If you could go to a country whose main language is one you are currently learning on Duolingo, where would you go?

December 13, 2017



Well, I’m learning Italian (and have been on and off since college) because I love Italy. It is a fantastic place. If Brexit doesn’t screw things up too much, I hope to retire there in a few years.


Cool! You won a lingot for being the first to comment!


Mexico, most likely. I would also go to Finland too if I could but the only word I know in Finnish is "Terve"


By the way.... Mexico is AMAZING, and you totally should visit it some day!


Trust me, I definitely will ^.^


Well, if you are tough enough to go in winter, looks like you can get cheap RT flights ($600-$800) from NYC direct to Helsinki on Finnair.


Here are another three finish words: kiitos (thank you) and lentoasema (airport) and Suomi (Finland). That's all I remember after going to Helsinki, it's great!

[deactivated user]

    I've been to Italy before. It was really fun! (⌒‿⌒)


    I would like to visit several republics of Russia, such as Kabardino-Balkaria, Adygea, Karachay-Cherkessia, Tatarstan, Chuvashia, Bashkortostan, Altai Republic, and Yakutia, I'm also hoping to explore the rest of Central Asia and visit Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan. All these places have Russian spoken widely, but I'm still studying their local languages as well. (well not so much Bashkir, Altai, or Sakha).


    I would go to Europe. Especially Spain and Germany. And of course..Ukraine. :)


    I would like to go to France and Spain.


    Good question, difficult to answer. I'm just going to do the 'top 5 languages in terms of xp'.

    German: I might go to Berlin, I've heard it's pretty great. The mountains are also a great option (we are not used to mountains here, so seeing one is quite an experience.) One place I will not ge to however is the train station of Oberhausen. It's currently number two on my list of 'worst train stations I've ever had the displeasure of finding myself in' (because it was just... Well, you would not expect such a rusty old and dirty place to exist outside a post-apocalyptic setting), only second to Amsterdam Centraal (it is just way too confusing, even more so than Utrecht Centraal which is the biggest one we have)

    Danish: I would go to Helsingør: it is a place on the coast from which you can see another town: Helsingborg, which is located in Sweden. You can literally look over the water and see a different country. Take a short boat ride and you're in Sweden!

    Spanish: probably Spain, but where? I don't know. There are just so many facinating spots I have heard about!

    Norwegian: I have heard Bergen is a pretty great place to visit (honestly, you can make so much puns about Norway, Norwegian cities and mountains in Dutch!). Also, it would be fascinating to go to Northern Norway just for the sake of standing on the Northern-most point of Europe (excluding some islands).

    French: I would love to go to Luik/Liège/Lüttich in Belgium again. I have been there once (couldn't understand a word of French, still can't) but didn't get to taste the so called 'Luikse wafels'. I would very much want to fix that. Also, I would like to explore Charleroi some more. It has a quite interesting history and the trash heaps (well, actually they're big mountains of mining debris) are impressive in a 'how can this much stuff be pulled out of the earth' way. Basically: Southern Belgium. Because it is easier and cheaper to get to than France. The landscape of the Belgian Ardennes is also particulary stunning in my opinion.


    I've been to Spain, Italy, France, China, and obviously Russia (it's my native language), but I would love to live in Spain. The people there are so nice and the food and wine are delicious <3


    Colombia and Ecuador, I'm going next year and every year after that for a 3+ months each year in the foreseeable future. I'll check out Chile and Argentina also.

    Can't wait once this project is over early next year I'm on my way, terrible Spanish skills and all.


    I would go to Austria. I have been to Vienna several times, but I would welcome an opportunity to visit more places in Austria; especially now that my language skills have improved.


    My main focus before Romanian was French, so I definitely want to go to France one day. I'm learning Korean and Japanese on a different account, so it would be nice to go to Japan and/or South Korea. However, certain family members are against me going to either country, so my best luck is France (which doesn't seem probable, either). Still, I would absolutely love it if I could go to those areas!

    [deactivated user]

      Just wondering, why don't they want you to go there? Is it because of the tension with North Korea?


      I would assume that to be the case, but to be honest, I actually don't know why they don't want me to go. Frankly, I think it has to do with more personal reasons. But, your guess is most likely correct. ^ ^


      Go family tried to tell me not to take a 6+ month job in Japan when I was young 22. Ignored them, good thing I did opened a lot of doors. Spent time in India also a great time. Been all over the world and U.S. with still a lot to see.

      Just do your research on the places you plan to visit, Japan and South Korea very safe, more so then the U.S. Central America not as safe, but can be if you are informed on where to and not to go. Fear or other peoples opinions should never stop you only logical research of data looking at risks vs rewards.


      I don't have the opportunities you have, but I think I will find a way to travel to the places I want to go... Someday. ^ ^

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